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An Easter message from Amanda


It's hard to believe that we are already well into 2018 and Easter Buns and eggs are in the stores. Mind you they were in the stores on Boxing Day.

It’s a reminder that if you are planning to build a new home it will be a good idea to get cracking if you would like it to be completed for you to move into your new home in 2019.

In this issue we feature our lovely customers Ty and Kerin Starr who we interviewed for this newsletter. They are delighted with their New Sanctuary home, as the story reveals, but as it unfolds the heartache they endured trying to get started 12 months before they came to us, will also come to light.

It is a timely warning for home buyers to always compare apples with apples when obtaining quotes for the construction of your new home. At Sanctuary New Homes we have a policy of providing a site specific quotation for building your home.

That means we carefully assess any issues that may impact on the construction and therefore the price. They might be slope gradients that require back-fill and possibly retention walls. Site access may also be difficult requiring some materials to be craned onto the site and there may also be a need for storm water detention.

Some sites are close to bushland and will require certain design elements to comply with construction under bushfire building regulations. We will be upfront with you.
Of course, we are custom builders and we will design the home to give you the lifestyle and accommodation you aspire to, sometimes cheaper than project home builders.

Many project home builders will give you a cheaper starting price but there are likely to be considerable add-on costs along the way. In many cases these costs will come up well into the project and after you have paid your deposit and signed contracts. So, there’s no escape.

So, we suggest that you compare apples with apples. It will save you a lot of stress and perhaps thousands of dollars. In other words get to the core of the matter, pardon the pun!

If you come back to us, after looking at the apples, and tell us you want to build with us after all, we won’t say we told you so. You will be warmly welcomed because we know how confusing it can be. 

Finally we have a special offer for home buyers who sign up with us by 30 June. It’s the Smeg 50’s Style offer and you will love it. 

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Happy reading.
Amanda Palmer Managing Director