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John & Belinda Loved The Way Sanctuary Listened To Them


 When John and Belinda Waters were planning to build a new home at Murrays Beach they talked with a few builders about what type of home they wanted.
But according to John the builders didn’t seem to want to listen.

“I could tell that they just weren’t listening and one builder even said that’s not the type of home you should build. They even seemed to be arrogant at our meetings with them.

“Then we found Sanctuary New Homes and the difference was amazing. They listened carefully and worked with our mud map to come up with what we wanted,” said John.

According to John, Gary and Amanda Palmer seemed to want their project right from the start.

“Amanda was excited about working on our dream home and that gave us a good feeling. It was like being amongst friends and I think that’s because it is a family company.

“They were so helpful and when we wanted to make some changes to the mud map it was no problem. They were so tuned in to what we wanted in our home. It was a breath of fresh air after our bad experiences with other home builders.

“Everything was plain sailing and they pay great attention to detail right down to the little things like sliding doors moving smoothly. There was no cost surprises because they were so upfront about any extra costs which were all included in the quotation price,” John continued.

John and Belinda know that some of their neighbours who built with other builders are disappointed with the quality of their homes.

“We have had neighbours across to our place and they expressed surprise with the inclusions in our home which shows we got a good deal”.

John paid tribute to the Sanctuary team who he says were amazing.

“We had a good relationship with our site supervisor Robert who was always available to answer out questions and returned our calls promptly.

“Would we build with Sanctuary New Homes again? Absolutely, they were great to build with”.

Thank you so much for your kind words John and Belinda.