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Knock Down Rebuild Demand Growing


As you drive around the Central Coast and surrounding areas you will see a lot of old homes that are looking tired and in need of a new lease of life. Many are situated in picturesque locations with stunning views or ideally located near to amenities, beaches or inland country.

Rather than going down the renovation path, there is growing demand for older homes to be completely replaced by a new home. This is known as knock down rebuild or KDR. The old home is demolished and removed and the new home built in its place.

Housing Industry Association research says a new home costs less than half the cost of renovating per square metre. And, with a new home, everything from the ground up is brand new.

There are no design compromises with a KDR as you are building a brand, new home designed for your individual lifestyle. With a renovation you have to make do with old wiring and plumbing in much of the home in fact the foundations are the original old foundations except where you extend on the ground floor..

We invite you to talk to the Sanctuary New Home experts about your KDR. They will arrange a free onsite inspection and let you know site costs up-front. Yes, up-front

We are an established company, with many years home building experience and a great reputation as custom builders. For no extra cost, we can change your design from a mud map rough.

Remember Sanctuary New Homes will design and build on;

  • Difficult blocks
  • Sloping blocks
  • Bushfire & flood prone blocks

We also design and build duplexes and homes with accessible living features.

Ready to talk about your knock down rebuild plans? Come and talk to us and we will show you how we can make it happen and give you piece of mind at the same time.