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Make Sure You Do Your Sums – Watch Out For Extra Charges


You want to build your dream home, one of the most exciting things you will undertake in your life. After all, this is where you are going to live, see your family grow and create so many life long memories that will stay with you forever.

You probably have a good idea of the type of home you want and the lifestyle you want to live.

And so, the search for a home builder you can trust with your dream, begins in earnest

In this edition we would like to alert you to some of the extra costs you may incur when building your home. Sanctuary New Homes will make you aware of the following applicable costs in your tender, right up front so that there are NO nasty surprises down the track to blow your budget out of the water!

That’s why we urge you when comparing home builders to Make Sure You Do Your Sums. That is, ask yourself the question “does the price the builder is quoting an upfront price with no extra charges and is that written in the quote”.

It’s an old trap in the home building industry. You get caught up in the Free Upgrade that’s worth tens of thousands of dollars, but forget all about the important stuff.

The following are some of the extra costs you can incur, depending on the particular block of land

Standard Site Costs or Standard Sloping Site Costs– before you deposit, has an estimate been done on your Site Specific costs eg. Cost incurred due to your actual slope or Council Requirements.

Piering – Fixed Site Costs, all contracts may say Fixed Site Costs, but if you need extra Piering when the builder goes to site, you will be liable for the costs associated.

Bushfire Requirements – has your builder estimated your Bushfire Requirements before depositing? Some builders will only build to BAL 19 and no higher, make sure you find out before depositing.

Flood Requirements or AHD Requirements – How high does your home need to be off the ground?

Marine Environment Requirements – Are you in a Marine Environment – has this been estimated before depositing?

Balustrading Has the home been designed to be more than 1m off the ground in any area, has this been worked out before depositing and estimated on how much your balustrading will cost?

Compliant with Local Council or your Estates requirements
Is your home plan you’ve chosen compliant with your Local Council or the Estate Convenants, do you need to change your plans to comply and if so how much?

Retaining walls – has your builder discussed if Retaining Walls are required when placing the home on your block. If so, how much retaining and how much will it cost you, could you have had a better design to alleviate these costs? Does the builder require you to put in your retaining walls in before starting on site?

Scraping and Excavation of your site – Some builders will take out the cost of scraping your site and this will be required for you to do to get it ready for the builder, how much does this cost you?

If you own your block and you are planning to build, we would be happy to do an onsite inspection with you and prepare a quote with all costs included upfront.

Another builder might seem cheaper at first but if you do your sums you will find Sanctuary New Homes are very competitive and remember we are custom designing and building your new home.

So, make sure you do your sums before committing.