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Reduce your Energy Bills and Carbon Footprint - Let Us Show You How - Bradford Solar Pack


If you want a more extensive solar system than our bonus offer mentioned earlier we can help you. Read on!

BRADFORD CSR's Steve Harty is the Business Development Manager for Solar Packages and says the market for these systems is huge, and it's growing. "You have early adopters, so people that are about technology; you have people that have a strong connection to sustainability; people that are really looking to reduce their grid reliance as much as they can.

And then, there are people who are trying to future-proof for electric vehicles, but also want back-up power, so if the grid fails, they're going to have the ability to use a battery."

Steve adds "It’s important to install solar during the construction of your new home as you can make sure the electrical wiring is hidden within the walls, and it helps prevent retrofitting costs such as assembling scaffolding".

Bradford Energy was an integral part of The Block build in the 2019 season, helping to complete the homes with clever, clean energy and futureproofing for the lucky new owners, who over the next decade are much more likely to buy an electric vehicle than ever before.

Now is the best time to be saving on energy bills so don’t forget to ask about our special bonus Bradford package we are offering for deposit & contracts before December 1, 2020.


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