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Frequently Asked Questions

What are the Site Costs?

Here’s a list of Site Related Costs that will help your building know-how. Finding out about your site costs first, is really important for you so that you can factor into your budget before confirming your home design.

Earthworks refer specifically to the work we need to do to make sure your block is firm, level and ready to build on. Clearing the block, levelling it and digging out any rock or tree stumps. If you’re building on a sloping site, earthworks may include cutting and filling to create a level area of land to build on.

Soil testing is necessary to establish how stable or ‘reactive’ the soil is and what sort of sub-floor your new home will require. We can determine this for you, when you have chosen your design.

Footing upgrades may be necessary depending on the results of the soil tests. They usually involve placing the footings deeper into the soil to create the firm foundation needed.

Bush fire requirements. If your block is in an area that has been designated by the State Government as a bush fire prone area, we will make sure the design and specification of your new home complies with all the relevant requirements. This may include specifying particular materials for the roof, windows, doors and external walls, for example.

Storm water provision is necessary to manage water run-off from your roof when it rains heavily.

All these items will affect your budget and asking first about these items will help you determine the budget for your home.

How Long Will It Take to Build My House?

The average Australian house takes from four to 12 months to build, once the land is purchased and design locked in, according to industry experts.

It depends on many factors such as the size of the home, how many stories, whether the home is on a flat block or a sloping site. Whether architect, custom designed or builder designed.

A simple single story home on flat land can be as little as 6 months, the average quality built home would take approximately 9-12 months an architects build and complexity longer.