Knock Down Rebuild

A blank canvas for your dream home.

With Sanctuary New HomesTM

There are so many reasons to consider a knock down rebuild!

Maybe your home is in the perfect neighbourhood, you’ve got plenty of yard space, but your home has seen better days. Or maybe you are looking for a blank canvas to create your dream home, but there is no land available. Whatever the reason a Sanctuary New HomesTM build could be the perfect solution. You can design and build your dream house that is functional, energy efficient AND beautiful all while being completely in accordance with the lifestyle that suits YOU best!

Building with Sanctuary New HomesTM means building better, together. Working closely in collaboration to create your perfect home is our goal and process – one that’s ever-changing because we’re always looking for ways to improve upon what already exists! Our team of skilled craftsmen have local market knowledge along every step on the path from design through installation so they can guide you through this exciting time while keeping everything running smoothly.

Blank Canvas

We can help you create a home that’s tailored to your needs.

The pre-designed homes are just the start – if this isn’t quite what YOU were looking for then there is still plenty of room in our design process for us to tailor YOUR dream house!

Why Sanctuary New HomesTM