Our Process

The Build Process

Your Journey with Sanctuary New HomesTM

Onsite consultation and quote

A representative will visit your block and complete a FREE site inspection. They will assess the land slope, lot shape, trees, and services locations along with reviewing the best access point for tradespeople and deliveries.  At this stage if you have a detailed lot plan, design essentials or planning certificate, this would greatly assist with assessment.

We invite you to Studio S to  review our home designs and narrow down your floor plan and design options. If you have chosen a standard design, we can skip ahead.
Now is the ideal time to meet with your financial institution or lending authority if you haven’t done so already to confirm your lending options.

Design Stage

At our pre design meeting, we want to get to know you. Your lifestyle, your wishlist, the reason you are building and your goals for the future.

Following the first meeting, for custom design, we will require a small deposit for our Building Designers  to create a preliminary home design, which we will present to you and go over together, discussing the details and any changes you might want. 


The design is approved and your site inspection complete, we begin the work of compiling the costings for your new home.  An initial tender based on the information we have to date will be presented to you.   During this stage, we will request a fixed payment in order to engage the services of external consultants and obtain site-specific information such as a contour survey and soil test.

Your new home design will be sited on your block and all compliance checks will be carried out to clear the way for your new home build going forward. Using the information we have sourced from external consultants, we work to gather all the necessary quotes and pricing from subcontractors and suppliers to provide you with accurate and detailed construction costings for your home.

Contracts and Building Approvals

On approval of your home construction tender, we move into the building agreement  and council submission stage. This stage confirms our mutual commitment to building your dream home via a building contract.  Development Application  plans and specifications will be ready for submission to your local authority.

Everything relating to the construction of your new home will be outlined in both the drawings and building contract, which you will be presented to you for signing. Together we will go through all the information in detail and you will have the opportunity to ask any questions or go over any details of your project.

Once you have signed the building contract, we will submit your plans for construction approval and secure all necessary insurances for your home build. A contract deposit of 10% is required at this time.


Once the building agreement is signed and your deposit is secured, we work to obtain all the necessary documents ready to submit your application to both your local council and private certifiers. These documents include full  Engineering Designs, Structural Engineering Plans, Energy Efficiency reports (BASIX), bushfire reports, acoustic reports and landscaping plan if required. 

During this stage you will also book a meeting with our Interior Designer to perfect your kitchen and bathroom details.

The approval process can take a little time, but don’t worry, we manage the entire process for you and keep you updated along the way. It’s also at this stage where we’ll discuss any demolition requirements if applicable to your block and secure any paperwork as required from your financial institution.

Studio Colour Consultation

You will be invited to visit Studio S and discuss the design and colour selection for your new home with our Interior Designer

Together you and the designer will put together a selection of products, finishes and colours that express the style and design you want in your new home.


Sanctuary New Homes takes possession of your property while your home is under construction to ensure your build runs smoothly and any risks and hazards are managed effectively.

During the construction of your home, you will be provided with progress updates  You are welcome to inspect the construction as it progresses at any time throughout the construction stage through pre-arranged meetings with your Construction Supervisor.

Keys to Your New Home

The completion of the construction stage brings us to the final handover of your property. A final handover meeting will be arranged once construction has been completed. This will be your chance to walk through the property and inspect the workmanship.

Your home will be officially handed over to you with a Sanctuary New Homes representative handing you the keys, along with copies of all your warranty documents and information detailing our after-sales service commitment.

A 90-day maintenance period will begin from the day your home is handed over to you, and our dedicated service team will be available to you to attend any maintenance issues during this time.

Our commitment to you is ongoing. We are committed to building you a home to the highest quality standards and industry best practices. We are also committed to exceptional customer service both during the construction of your home and well after.

We want you to be completely satisfied with your home and the experience you’ve had

with Sanctuary New HomesTM